We’re pleased to offer three levels of service, all of which include weekly recycling and yard waste curbside collection along with solid waste (garbage) collection. The levels vary according to the size of garbage cart desired: 32-gallon, 64-gallon, or 96-gallon. All carts are wheeled and easily movable, and curbside set-out is convenient.

Regular service includes weekly, curbside collection of material that fits into the carts provided, curbside and drop-off services.

Cart Basic Service Options:

  •  Option 1

    32-64-96 Gal Cart

    Service includes:
    32-Gallon Brown Garbage Cart
    64-Gallon Blue Recycling Cart
    96-Gallon Green Waste Cart

    $32.05 per month

     Option 2

    64-64-96 Gal Cart

    Service includes:
    64-Gallon Brown Garbage Cart
    64-Gallon Blue Recycling Cart
    96-Gallon Green Waste Cart

    $43.30 per month

     Option 3

    96-64-96 Gal Cart

    Service includes:
    96-Gallon Brown Garbage Cart
    64-Gallon Blue Recycling Cart
    96-Gallon Green Waste Cart

    $53.10 per month

Lids must close completely. Overloaded carts and extra bags can be collected for an additional fee.

Senior Very Low-Income Rate: “You must qualify for this rate. In order to qualify, you must be at least 65 years old and have an income below the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines for “Very Low Income” for the Oakland-Fremont area. If you qualify and would like this service, please contact Concord Disposal Service.”

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines
Click the center documentation button, then select California, then on the next screen Contra Costa.

Curbside Services:

Customers MUST call in for services below or email us.
925.682.9113 or (allow 24 hours for email response)

Three On-Call Free Pick-up Days

On-call Free Pick-upWe will collect up to 12 32-gallon bags or 12 boxes of household garbage or yard waste, weighing no more than 50 pounds each. If you have branches, please tie them in a bundle and make sure they are no larger than 18 inches by 3 feet. We will NOT pick up furniture, carpet, appliances or e-waste. On-call pick-ups must be at least one week apart.

Free Curbside Oil Pick-up

Curbside Oil Pickup Call us to ask us for a free 6-quart collection container for used motor oil. We will drop off the container to you and when it’s full, call to schedule a free curbside pick-up. This convenient service is funded by a grant from CALRecycle.

Curbside Battery Pick-up

Curbside Battery PickupPlace batteries in a closed container or ziplock bag labeled "Batteries". Place either the container or ziplock bag next to your brown garbage cart. NO AUTOMOTIVE OR MOTORCYCLE BATTERIES ACCEPTED.

Curbside CFL Pick-up

Curbside CFL Pickup Place the CFL's into a sealed bag or small plastic bin with a lid labeled “Lights” or “CFL's.” Place the bag/container next to your garbage cart on your usual pick-up day.

Drop-Off Services:

Customer do not need to call in for these service; just drop them off.


Sharps Drop-off Concord residents can drop off their sharps in the lobby of Concord Disposal's office at 4080 Mallard Dr. in Concord. State law requires all sharps to be placed in an “approved sharps container” so please make sure to do so before dropping them off. We will not accept sharps in bags of any type or coffee containers. Proof of residency is required. Call Concord Disposal Service at (925) 682-9113 if you have any questions.


Pharmaceutical Drop-offConcord residents can drop off their pharmaceuticals at the Concord Police Station, at 1350 Galindo Street in Concord, free of charge.

Hazardous Waste:

Hazardous Waste Drop-off Concord Disposal Service cannot pick up Household Hazardous Waste. Concord residents can drop off their household hazardous waste, at no charge at Central Contra Costa Sanitary District at 5019 Imhoff Place, Martinez, 94553. For more information on what is acceptable at the Central Sanitary Household Hazardous Waste facility, please call them at (925) 228-9500 or visit their website at: